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Sep 11


Stock Market is about to make another U turn DOWN!

Do you really think that the Stock Market CRASH is over? Not a chance!  It is typical for the stock market to retrace upwards by approx. 50% after a sharp downfall BEFORE the subsequent phases of CRASHING DOWN take place. We are approaching and is very near that range.  Watch out…. when DOW is near […]

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Jun 11


Why we will see another Stock Market CRASH in 2011?

1. Unemployment Rate in USA went up to 9.1% from 9%. 2. No sign of more stimulated package to boost market confidence in US in the near future after the QE2 ends in Jun 2011. QE2 is the Fed’s current US$600 billion round of government bond buying. 3. European Union Crisis was not addressed at […]

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